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Best Speed on Vibration Plates for Weight Loss

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A vibration plate is a fitness device that has become very popular for both the home and gym. These plates work by passing vibrations at high speed through the body. This vibration process aids in weight loss and targets muscle building.

Russian scientists first used it in an experiment targeted to reduce bone mass. People prefer using vibration plates to regular working out in the gym primarily because it requires less effort and action on their part.

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Do Vibration Plates Actually Work?

Yes, Vibration plates do work. To lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume. Vibration plates work by contracting and relaxing the muscles of the body to enable them to burn fat. This expansion and contraction process leads to increased blood flow, which results in the production of muscle, which in turn burns calories.

This process is the same as in normal exercises except for the fact that normal exercises can make your muscles contract two or three times per second while vibration plates contract your muscles up to 50 times per second. This increases your body’s metabolism and causes body fat to burn at a faster rate than conventional exercises.

Best Speed on Vibration Plates

Research has shown that there is no particular speed that is best for weight loss. This is primarily because people have different bodies with different metabolisms. So, how person A reacts to their vibrator speed of 20Hz will be different from how you may react to the same speed.

However, some scientists suggest that the human body will burn fat more at 65% of its maximum pulse rate. This percentage is usually between 30Hz to 45Hz in most adults.

Usually, as you continue to use the vibration plates, you can keep readjusting the speed on the plate until you find the one your body best responds to.

How to Use Vibration Plates

Like every other exercise regimen, consistency is required with vibration plates. You have to use them at least 3-4 times a week and for a minimum of 15 minutes each session.

There are no technical rules for using vibration plates. As ‘easy’ as just standing on the plates are, it can be quite effective. The vibration plate does all the work while you stand on it. Standing on it alone is effective as it targets general body fat reduction. You can also sit on the plate to exercise.

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Exercises You Can Do on Your Vibration Plate

Aside from standing and letting your vibration plate do its job, here are some exercises you can do to target weight loss and train the muscles in specific areas.

Shoulder Stretch

This targets the muscles of the arms and shoulders. Hand straps are needed for this exercise. They usually come with vibration plates or can be bought separately. Stand on your vibration plates with your feet spread at hip distance.

Set the speed of your plate to 28Hz. Form a right angle between your left arm and your right arm at the elbow while pulling at the strap. Pull your shoulders back as far as they can go and hold for 30 seconds. Release, take a deep breath, and repeat the process.

Leg Lifts

This exercise targets the abdominal and back muscles. Put the speed of your vibration plate to 15-20Hz. Sit on the vibration plate. You want to be balanced and comfortable, so make sure you sit at the center so you do not fall off as you do your exercise.

Lean back a little and place your hands behind you for support. Keep your back straight and raise your legs as high as they can go and hold for 15 seconds. 


These are one of the most popular exercises, especially among women. Squats target the thigh muscles. Assume the normal squat position where your feet are wider apart with your knees at a right angle to the floor. Stretch your hands directly in front of you, parallel to the ground, but not too wide so that you don’t ruin your balance. You can start squatting while keeping your back posture straight.

Do this for 30 seconds with the speed of your vibration plate at 25Hz.

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Benefits of Using Vibration Plates

  1. Lose weight faster. Vibration plates help to burn calories faster than any regular gym exercise. The vibration targets stored fat in the body and muscles.
  2. Vibration plates do not require you to move any part of your body to lose weight. Regular exercises require you to be in motion either through running, jumping, or lifting weights. With vibration plates, standing is good enough.
  3. Aside from weight loss, vibration plates also help to improve blood circulation in the body and also strengthen the bones.
  4. Convenience. You can put a vibration plate in one corner of your home and use it daily. This is especially helpful if you are wary of the gym or are more comfortable exercising in your home. You can climb onto the machine as early as 3 am or whenever you want and still lose those calories. Their small size makes it easier to fit into any available space in the house if you do not have a built-in gym. You can carry them around if you need to travel or do your exercises elsewhere. They are also affordable, making it easy to own one.
  5. Spend less time exercising. Just 15-20 minutes a day can help you reach your weight goal with a vibration plate than with any other conventional gym exercise.
  6. Reduced blood pressure. One of the most common side effects of being overweight is having to struggle with high blood pressure. This is very dangerous as it can lead to a heart attack. Using a vibration plate increases the rate at which your body uses energy, improves your oxygen intake, and helps to reduce blood pressure.
  7. Vibration plates help to improve muscle strength. As you exercise and your muscles are toned, your strength is improving. You can carry on your everyday activity and climb up the stairs without having to pause to catch your breath
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Final Take

Vibration plates are a great replacement for everyday exercises. They help to burn fat by sending high-speed vibrations to the muscles of the body which in turn leads to the breakdown of energy which helps burn calories.

These plates have been proven to help users lose weight with consistent usage. The best speed for weight loss varies with the individual.


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