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What Is Mullein Garlic Oil Used For?

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There are many types of essential oils that people believe have medicinal uses. For example, people praise mullein garlic oil, which is a mixture of extracts from mullein and garlic, for its ability to cure various aches and infections.

What is mullein garlic oil, and what is it used for?

Mullein garlic oil has a lot of beneficial qualities that make it very useful in curing aches, infections, and irritations.

For example, the most common use of this oil is as a cure for ear pain and ear infections. Truly, this oil is a must-have, especially if you have children.

What are other uses of this oil? Should you be worried about using mullein garlic oil? Continue reading.

What Is Mullein Garlic Oil Used For?

Here are common uses of the mullein garlic oil:

woman holding her inflamed ear

1. Cure for Ear Infections and Aches

Treating ear pain is the most popular use of mullein garlic essential oil. Due to its medicinal qualities, this oil is helpful in curing ear pains and infections such as fungal conditions, excessive wax, ear sensitivity, and inflammation, especially in teenagers and children (they get the most ear pains).

Instructions for applying mullein garlic oil to the ear come with the bottle for a commercially available formula, but it usually involves pouring a few drops of the oil directly into the ear. The excess oil flows out either over time or after a prescribed amount of time, usually 10-15 minutes, within the ear canal. Cotton balls tucked into the outer ear are handy for absorbing the draining oil.

Note that while treating ear pain or infections, the person should not use headphones or listen to very loud sounds.

2. Helps to Prevent Skin Irritation or Treat Burns

Mullein garlic oil is not just medicinal; it is also soothing. If you have a minor skin irritation or burn, you can treat it or soothe the pain using this oil. All you need is a few drops of mullein garlic oil on the portion of the skin for a few days, and you are good to go (make sure that you read the instructions that come with the bottle).

Please note that this should be more like a first-aid approach or only when you are sure you do not need to visit the hospital. For major burns and skin infections, go to the hospital and follow the doctor’s directive. Do not substitute your doctor’s visit with mullein garlic oil or any other essential oil.

woman with flu

3. Can Help to Prevent Flu

Although it is not a registered cure yet because of insufficient data, mullein garlic oil has been recorded and studied as a potential cure or prevention for flu and other flu-related infections such as pneumonia. Remember that this is still an unfinished study, so you should use only conventional methods to cure or prevent flu for now.

If you have a serious medical condition such as pneumonia, you should seek medical help and not rely on any essential oil. You should listen to your doctor and do whatever they tell you to do. If mullein garlic oil ever becomes a cure (or part of the cure), there will be a recognized method to administer or use it.

4. Good Addition to First Aid Box

Considering the many uses of mullein garlic oil, it would be a good idea to add this essential oil to your first aid box or keep it close by. It will surely come in handy because children and teenagers often face a lot of ear pains and infections. You can quickly relieve them with this oil.

Remember to always check the expiry date of essential oils and change them out when it is time. Also, store the oils as instructed in the written instructions. Do not expose the oil to light or fluctuating temperatures.

two gloves of garlic and small bottle of oil

5. More Uses Yet to Be Discovered

Later in this article, you will read about the medically rich ingredients that we combine to make mullein garlic oil. This essential has a whole lot of uses that are either not discovered yet or not approved yet. We hope to explore more uses of this medically rich essential oil.

Now you know so many uses of mullein garlic oil. The truth is that so many fake products come out as too good to be true. Is this essential oil among such products? Are there precautions that you should know? Continue reading to find out.

Are There Side Effects or Precautions for Mullein Garlic Oil?

Here is what you must know about mullein garlic oil depending on who needs to take it:

1. For Children

Mullein garlic oil is very safe for children as long as you stick to the instructions. It is recommended that you use the essential oil for three or more days to get the best results. If you choose to use this product for more than a week or you notice that the pain is not going away, you should keel medical help immediately.

Remember to stick to the instructions. Also, it would help to ask the kids how they feel after using the oil. Unless recommended by a doctor, use mullein garlic oil only for ear pains and infections in your children. Do not use it for wounds or injuries unless you are instructed to.

woman pouring oil on her hand

2. For Adults

Adults have fewer concerns when using mullein garlic oil. This does not mean that you should not follow the written instructions because you are an adult. Being an adult mostly means that you may need to use more quantities of the essential oil than children.

Ensure that you follow the instructions. Also, you can use the oil to soothe your minor skin wounds or burns if you like. Unless your doctor recommends, do not drink the essential oil, even if you are an adult. Use the oil for external uses only.

3. For Pregnant Women

There is not much information about pregnant women using this oil, so you should abstain from using it while pregnant. If you have ear pains, infections, wounds, and irritations, you should only heal yourself with conventional (and approved) methods.

Do not try to cure any infection or irritation with this essential oil, except if your doctor gives you the go-ahead. Also, avoid drinking the essential oil even if you feel that it can prevent any infection. Remember that you are pregnant, and you need to think about the health of your growing baby all the time.

cute cat chillin

4. For Pets

Yes, you read that right. Mullein oil is also helpful in relieving aches and infections in pets such as dogs, cats, and rabbits. These mammalian pets use similar medications as humans, so you can help treat minor ear pains in the pets. Do not use this oil for lizards, fishes, and other pets that are not mammals.

Also, make sure that you regularly take your pets to the vet. The vet can help recommended better products for your pets and treat them if need be. Only use this essential oil when you are sure that your pets are only suffering from minor ear pain or infection.

5. Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage of mullein garlic oil that you should use at a particular time is written in the instructions. Also, doctors can prescribe the dosage for you.

For effective treatment, make sure that you use the recommended dosage. Using less can be less effective, and using more can be dangerous. Use only what the instructions ask you to use.

As you can see, this oil is entirely safe and effective so long as you use the recommended dosage and avoid using the oil when you should not. Remember that this essential oil is not a substitute for a doctor’s appointment. Continue reading as we carefully discuss what mullein garlic oil really is.

bunch of garlic and a small bottle of garlic oil

What Is Mullein Garlic Oil?

As the name suggests, mullein garlic oil is an essential oil made from the combination of extracts from mullein and garlic. Mullein is a plant whose flower is used to make medicine for a wide range of infections or illnesses such as cough, whooping cough, bronchitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia, hoarseness, colds, earaches, flu chills, swine flu, allergies, fever, sore throat, and tonsillitis.

Some other uses of the extract from the mullein plant flower are cures for diarrhea, asthma, colic, migraines, gastrointestinal bleeding, and gout joint pain. People also apply the flower directly to their skin to cure burns, wounds, bruises, hemorrhoids, skin infections (cellulitis), and frostbite.

As you can see, the mullein plant is a very popular plant, especially for traditional medicines. The flowers are added to alcohol for their sweet flavor.

As for garlic, you already know that garlic has a lot of medical uses. Its uses are also similar to mullein flower, but garlic is more popular and is used to make a wide variety of foods while helping to prevent various infections.

The combination of extracts from the mullein plant flower and garlic is surely rich and has a lot of uses that are yet to be discovered.

Final Thoughts

Mullein garlic oil is a rich essential oil known chiefly to cure ear pains and infections and has a wide range of uses, such as healing skin wounds and burns. Most of the uses of this essential oil are still potential as they are yet to be approved, so ensure to treat yourself accordingly using conventional medicine when necessary.


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