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Do Vibration Plates Work for Cellulite?

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With the growth of technology over the years, more and more tools and machines have been manufactured to improve our lives. One of those machines is vibration plates.

Vibration plates are exercise machines that send vibrations through your body at a relatively high speed. This helps your muscles to contract and relax many times in a short period.

Do vibration plates help decrease cellulite?

Yes, vibration plates do help decrease cellulite. This form of treatment supports the increase in the body’s circulation making it easier for you to lose body fat and get rid of fat deposits that are behind the cellulite issue. Vibration plates improve your rate of metabolism, allowing you to release more calories and shed weight with fewer exercises.

Vibration plates function through the assembly of a variety of tiny plates that go back and front in opposite directions to each other at great speeds. The factor behind how this therapy helps cellulite is that it excites the biological response of the normal mechanism in the body to eliminate fat.

Vibration plates also enhance skin tightening and its result can be measured when cardiovascular exercise and healthy eating are combined.

It helps to improve your body’s ability to release oxygen to your working muscles and prevent physiological issues that can occur such as stroke volume, maximal oxygen consumption, heart rate, and cardiac output.

By applying this therapy, you target and thicken the fibers at that specific area of collagen on your legs. This requires that you remain consistent and determined. It is recommended that you stay on a vibration machine for 15-30 min at a time for 3-4 sessions a week.

woman showing her cellulite

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a fat deposit that develops any time the fat present underneath the skin displaces higher connective tissues which make dimples appear on the buttocks and thighs (the common dimpled appearance).

Little evidence has been found on why cellulite occurs more in women than in men. However, since women’s fat is stored around the thighs and hips in most cases, this is assumed to be the reason why cellulite appears in higher numbers in women.

Cellulite is a health challenge for a lot of women. If you’re a lady experiencing this or feel appalled by the dimples you see in the mirror, you’re not alone. A lower percentage of men are affected but cellulite is a very regular skin problem all over the world.

Even though the skin condition does not harm, those who are plagued by it just wish they could eliminate the irritation as soon as possible. As there are many quick fixes on the market, it’s hard to distinguish what is real from myth.

female body with cellulite

What is Responsible for this Skin Condition?

The rumor going around on cellulite is that it happens only to obese people who do not exercise. But this is just a myth. Despite that an inactive approach to life may enhance the likelihood of developing dimples, many extremely-fit and lean guys have it as well.

The truth remains that your hormones and genetics have bigger roles to play. This means if a large percentage of women in your family have cellulite, chances are you’ll also have them if you don’t already do. This is not your fault in any way. 

Some factors such as poor food choices, an inactive lifestyle, and age may be responsible Cellulite can affect anybody.

woman on a wobbler at the gym

Can Vibration Plates Lessen Cellulite?

Vibration plates affect fat cells so that they die earlier. Collagen cells then take up the place of these cells leading to an increase in their release of collagen and elastin. Your skin gets a smoother appearance and becomes more elastic. The fat cells from cellulite tissues don’t get burned, but they get disrupted. So, you have to burn the fat produced or else they’ll go back to their former position.

Burning fat is important for cellulite reduction but the process is not complex as it sounds. Taking part in mild cardio exercise just after using a vibration plate will target your fat cells.

You can incorporate your plates as part of your workout rather than standing. When combined with the appropriate lifestyle decisions, vibration plates can be very effective and give you zero cellulite skin.

When using your vibration plate, you won’t see any changes by standing on these plates for just 10 minutes. You have to be consistent with it. Give it at least 2 to 6 weeks as that’s when you will start seeing significant results.

Your current state and commitment to choosing a healthy lifestyle impact the time you begin to notice changes.

wobbler at home

Things to Know About Vibration Plates

  1. It’s likely for you to experience itching after or while using your plate because this mode of therapy excites your venous system comprising of big and tiny veins in the muscles that take blood to your heart. This leads to a sensation of itching.
  2. If you want to tone the muscles of your leg, a vibration plate can be effective. By standing on your plate having your knees bent slightly will tone the muscles of your core and leg efficiently. You can stand, lie down or sit on a vibrating plate. It will give virtually the same result and benefits as a traditional exercise would.
  3. Whole-body vibration is an activity that doesn’t require much stress like cycling or hill climbing. Researchers from the Augusta University in Georgia made this discovery.
  4. A vibration plate should be used a minimum of 3x a week but if that’s not achievable, then you can aim for 2 to 3x a week to be used for 30-minute intervals. The usage will provide a remarkable set of benefits and enable you to work harder too.
  5. While you may feel the urge to work with this equipment daily, you’ll get far better results if you use them in moderation and strategically.
  6. Shoes won’t give you the chance to integrate wholly with the surface of the vibration plate, and the vibration from this plate has to be transferred accurately into your body. The beneficial effect is impaired if you put on shoes.
  7. For people who have heart disease or were victims of a heart attack in the past, we suggest that you stay off vibration plates. Their strong vibrations can heighten your issue and put undue stress on one’s cardiovascular system.
  8. If you have deep vein thrombosis or a blood clotting disorder, a vibration plate will be unsafe for you. Those experiencing other health challenges that require the attention of a physician should get approval from your doctor before trying these plates.
  9. These machines burn calories per minute when working out, and in about ten to fifteen minutes, you can shed some calories. For someone weighing 150 pounds, you can shed 50 to 125 calories.
  10. Through some studies, it was discovered that continuous exposure to vibrations can lead to many health conditions like a heightened risk of hand, back, hip, neck, and shoulder pain.
female standing on vibration plates

Best Vibration Plate Workouts

There are some vibration plate workouts that target cellulite. They include, calf raises, squats and lunges for at least 20 min every day. You can establish many variations of these exercises such as bent-knee calf raises, deep squats, “sissy squats”, side lunges, straight-knee calf raises, normal lunges, one-leg squats, half-squats, low lunges, two-leg squats, light jumping squats, and more.

You can do these workouts on your vibration plate efficiently and consistently with predetermined routines. By adopting a squat and lunges routine, you tighten your external skin and internal muscle.  

Crunches, sit-ups, push-ups as well as other upper body exercises are just efforts in futility since a large percentage of the vibration isn’t directed to the appropriate angles compared to when you do arm curls with the belt attached to the machine.

However, these exercises can be risky as the vibration can also target some places you do not want it to. For instance, the discs and cartilages of your wrist joint are not comfortable with being vibrated when doing pushups. Your lumbar discs or ovaries are also not comfortable when you do ab crunches where your lumbar spine comes in contact with this machine.

For your vibration plate to perform well, you should target your cartilage, ligament, hard connective tissues, and tendons. Thereafter, your bone density will receive a boost and thus tackle osteoporosis.


Vibration plate training offers solid, recurrent gravity to your tissues. Aside from your training, you need to consume blood vessel strengthening nutrients and connective tissue protecting, and collagen-boosting nutrients as supplements.

Also, skin application of these nutrients locally will allow for a highly targeted effect on cellulite, fat, and your skin. Before or right after your workout is the best time to apply these nutrients either by oral means or as a cellulite cream.

Vibration plates are a great way to get rid of cellulite when used consistently. They target the muscles and fatty areas in the body. Before using these plates, ensure to get the go-ahead from your doctor, especially if you have an underlying health condition.


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