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4 Benefits of a Versaclimber You Should Know

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A Versaclimber is a type of climbing exercise equipment that provides a mild-effect complete body workout. The machine was released in 1981 and is used in military training, personal and corporate gyms, health clubs, and sports medicine facilities across the globe.

While other types of cardio like the spin bike or treadmill work just the lower body parts and take more reps to shed calories, a Versaclimber works your back, legs, arms, chest, shoulders, etc, giving you a total-body workout.

This equipment makes your body perform central-laterally so that your right arm makes a connection to your left leg and otherwise, affecting muscle groups that don’t get stimulated from other exercises.

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Like other whole-body workouts, the Versaclimber doesn’t come easy while in use but the idea is to start gradually.

As a first-time climber, we recommend a 15–20-minute climb that includes a five-minute body stretch and a 3-5 minute cool down. Once you get how it’s done, you can raise your workout sessions to 60 minutes.

Take note of your perceived exertion and heart rate every time to ensure you’re on the appropriate level regardless of the number of times you’ve been on the machine.

To start with the Versaclimber, ask an instructor at the gym to assist you. With this, you can discover the workout type and time that fits your goals and works for you.

While exercising at home, go through the manual and take these steps:

  • Place the handles at the correct angle that meets your height by placing your legs on the pedal and pushing the handgrips for them to be at shoulder height level. Next, fasten the straps on its foot pedal over your feet.
  • Choose the desired exercise type by changing the tension with its number pad or pick a virtual landmark mode or virtual opponent for a mild level of competition. If you don’t know the exercise type to select, press the QUICK START button and adhere to the guidelines to establish the duration, rate, or time.
  • Start climbing. Extend your right arm and left leg toward the ceiling, then do the same on the other side, and maintain the exercise in alternating motion. To avoid shock and trauma during training sessions, don’t ‘bottom out’ or press the base of the Versaclimber with its foot pedals after completing every stroke.
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4 Benefits of the Versaclimber

It is a remarkable weight-loss machine

If you purposely want to boost the number of calories you shed by exercising, this machine offers a splendid way to increase the rate.

Victor Lonchuk, professional strength and conditioning coach concluded that when we exert the muscles of our lower body and torso at the same time, a higher dosage of oxygen is needed. The greater their usage, the better the number of calories burnt. 

You work at your pace

Since the Versaclimber gives a very engaging workout and can appear somewhat strange at the beginning, it is advisable you begin gradually.

An expert advised that you start on the mildest resistance for a minute then get off the machine and see how it feels. Be patient when getting accustomed to the motion. This equipment is capable of making you feel humbled in no time.

Work at a moderate intensity at the onset by increasing the time. As you get better, deepen the intensity by applying more resistance.

To maintain solid form, allow your body to stay as upright as you can and keep your core tight at the same time. Practice a normal breathing rhythm, but if you can’t, make sure you inhale and exhale after 2 to 3 strokes.

It gives a full-body workout

The Versaclimber basically gives us the sensation of the most primal movement from our early life stage: crawling. A professional strength, cycling, and conditioning coach named Menachem Brodie made claims to this effect.

The climbing or crawling movement applied for a Versaclimber sets your body for action unlike an elliptical, stationary bike, or other well-known cardio machines. Working with this pattern in a very upright stance enables the activation and usage of several different muscles like your delts, transverse abdominals, biceps, calves, lats, glutes, obliques, triceps, quads, and more.

Therefore, the Versaclimber works to exercise every muscle in your body.

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The Versaclimber multitasks

It offers to condition and strengthen your body over a single exercise. We are not saying you should forgo your weight training for the Versaclimber, but it allows you to do both strength work and conditioning more conveniently, and at the same time.  

Your Versaclimber sessions will most definitely be fantastic for cardio exercises as you get an effective workout.

Also, there are various means of incorporating the machine into your exercise routine. Its versatility makes it usable as a strength training regimen, a warmup, a cool down, a station in your HIIT circuit, or a finisher.

How long should you use the Versaclimber for?

To build strength on a particular part of your body, you can use the Versaclimber for less than 1 minute by placing the hydraulics at a slow rate and doing 8-12 reps. For power building, set the machine’s hydraulics to a higher rate and do 15-30 reps.

When applied for endurance training, your session will often last for 30 minutes and the hydraulics can be set at an average range of motion. A few people find it beneficial to work with the machine over a 10 to 20-second sprint after completing their workout to relax a bit. Others work with it for 20 minutes every day as a recurring cardio routine to assist them in shedding calories.

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Can you track your training sessions with the Versaclimber?

The Versaclimber has a monitor screen that displays information on your workouts like your climbing rate, the distance traveled, and the duration of each workout session. With this info, you can track your improvement levels by measuring the distance covered over a particular period.

To install your machine, you don’t need to have any DIY or particular electronic know-how. The process is easy especially when there’s someone else to help.

The Versaclimber is a great addition to your workout routine as it can help with general bodyweight loss. It is also designed in a way that you can work at your own pace. If you are a first-time user of this machine, remember not to go too hard in the beginning. Give your body time to adjust, so you can see how much it can handle.


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