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Athletic Greens vs. Amazing Grass Compared: Which Is Better

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Without vegetables and fruits, the body can’t get the necessary minerals and vitamins. Unfortunately, for various reasons, some people do not get as many vegetables and fruits as they should. To mitigate the risks of inadequate fruit and vegetable consumption, people sometimes turn to supplements.

Athletic Greens and Amazing Grass have become two of the most popular supplement choices for good reasons. Both brands can provide you with the vitamins and minerals you need daily.

Apart from that, these greens powders contain superfoods like wheat grasses, barley, and large amounts of phytonutrients. All of which are beneficial to the body.

Since these supplements are similar, choosing between them can be difficult. So, to make choosing easier for you, we compare the brands in this article.

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Athletic Greens vs. Amazing Grass: Things to Consider

Ingredients and Nutrition

Firstly, we will compare the nutritional values and ingredients of these supplements.

Athletic Greens uses naturally sourced organic ingredients. It contains several vitamins and minerals, with each serving providing 4 grams of protein and 1.9 grams of dietary fiber. It is rich in vitamins A, C, E, K2, and B. It also contains pantothenic acid and biotin.

The mineral content of Athletic Greens includes phosphorus, zinc, potassium, magnesium, calcium, selenium, manganese, copper, and chromium. Athletic Greens might be perfect for you if you have a sodium-sensitive health condition. We say this because it has a low sodium content – about 28 mg.

Unlike Athletic Greens, Amazing Grass uses organic non-GMO ingredients. It is a good supplement for digestive health since it contains beneficial probiotics and prebiotics.

Comparing the number of ingredients in both supplements, Amazing Grass has fewer ingredients. It also provides you with fewer vitamins and minerals.

Each serving of Amazing Grass contains about 2 grams of protein, dietary fiber, and vitamins A, C, and K. Its mineral content includes sodium, iron, potassium, and calcium.

Amazing Grass is also okay for sodium-sensitive health conditions. It has a low sodium content – about 30 mg – so it may not increase the risk of some cardiovascular diseases.

Price of Athletic Greens vs. Amazing Grass

While a 30-day supply of Amazing Grass will cost you around $59.99, Athletic Greens will cost you $99.

Although the potency of Athletic Greens justifies the high price, it is still much steeper – almost double the cost of Amazing Grass.

Taste and Texture

When we compare the taste and flavor of these supplements, Athletic Greens comes out on top. However, remember that greens supplements do not usually have good flavor. Making a supplement that tastes good from superfoods and vegetables can be difficult. So, Amazing Grass is not doing too badly for what it is.

Athletic Greens has a pleasant, mild flavor. It does not taste like dirt, unlike some green supplements. It also has a good texture, making it easy to drink with plain water. But for the best drinking experience, mix it with a smoothie or juice.

Amazing Grass is not something you would want to consume with just water. It has a gritty texture and tastes like grass. It also has a slightly bitter aftertaste. So, to enjoy Amazing Grass, mix it with yogurt or a smoothie.


Amazing Grass does not seem to contain a lot of probiotics. But with Athletic Greens, you get around 7.2 billion CFU of probiotics per serving.

However, you should understand that 7.2 billion CFU of probiotics per serving is low. Several other top green drinks contain 4-5 times as many probiotics in a single serving.

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Digestive Enzymes

Here is another interesting comparison. Amazing Grass contains three times more digestive enzymes than Athletic greens. Amazing Grass has 426 milligrams per serving, while Athletic Greens has 154 milligrams per serving.

Digestive enzymes are essential since they help your body digest and absorb any superfood you consume. Without digestive enzymes, some nutrients will go to waste.

Superfoods per Serving

Another important aspect to consider is the number of superfoods you get per serving. Amazing Grass provides only 7,000 milligrams worth of superfoods per serving, while Athletic Greens contains 10,000 milligrams per serving.

So, Athletic Greens has the advantage based on superfood dosage and potency. 

Protein Content

Proteins are essential since many people use superfood supplements to replace their meals. Proteins also play a vital role in helping you feel full. In other words, if the supplement does not have a significant amount of protein, you may not feel full after consumption.

Sadly, both Amazing Grass and Athletic Greens contain just 2 grams of protein in a single serving. And this is not enough to make you feel full. For the supplement to make any real difference, it should contain about 10 grams per serving.

Dietary Concerns

If you have any allergies, Athletic Greens is the better choice for you. It is free of peanut, wheat, dairy, several other allergens, and it is gluten-free.

Amazing Grass is also gluten-free and does not contain any dairy product since it is a vegan product. However, the product does not indicate if it is free of wheat, soy, and peanuts.

Athletic Greens vs. Amazing Grass

 Athletic GreensAmazing Grass
Ingredients and NutritionHas more ingredients (49) and has a higher nutritional profile.Has fewer ingredients (23) and provides fewer vitamins and minerals.
PriceHigh price due to the rich nutritional profile.Budget and wallet-friendly.
Taste and TextureIt has a better texture and flavor profile.It has a gritty texture; tastes like grass.
ProbioticsContains 7.2 billion CFU of probiotics per serving.Undisclosed. 
Digestive EnzymesContains 154 milligrams of digestive enzymes per serving.Contains 426 milligrams of digestive enzymes per serving.
Superfoods per ServingContains more superfoods per serving (10,000 milligrams)Provides 7000 milligrams of superfoods per serving
Protein contentContains 2 grams of protein per servingContains 2 grams of protein per serving
Dietary ConcernsBetter for people with allergies.Also good for people with allergies. However, it does not indicate if it is free of wheat, soy, and peanut.

Which Is Better, Amazing Grass or Athletic Greens?

The better option between Amazing Grass and Athletic Greens depends on your preferences. But put simply, if you prefer a supplement with a lot of nutrients and a decent taste, Athletic Greens is better. And if you prefer a budget-friendly supplement with sufficient digestive enzymes, Amazing Grass is better.


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